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  My hobby is playing basketball as well as music. I have lots of favourte players, such as Yao Ming, Yi Jianlian and Michel Jodan. I often play basketball with my classmates after school. We spent lots of our free time playing basketball and we trained hard. As a result we won the basketball match last year, we are proud of ourselves.
  My    hobby
  My hobby is reading .I stated reading when I was seven years old and now I read books every day when I am free. I often  read in the classroom, in my bedroom, in the library or even in the park.
  I think  reading can make me happy and know a lot about the world. I  also think  reading is very important and relaxing. So I will continue reading in the future.
  My   hobby
  My hobby is reading books. When I was seven years old, I became interested in reading books. I like reading books because there are a lot of useful things in books. I can learn a lot of knowledge from books. Books can also teach me how to be a good person. Books even can solve many problems for me.I will read more good books to improve myself.
  Last weekend, I went to the Great Wall with my family.It was a sunny day and there are a lot of people there.Before entering the gate, a foreign boy came to me and asked where he could buy a ticket in English.I told him and found that he came here by himself.So I invited him to go with us.I tried to introduce the Great Wall to him in English.We were so happy together that day.Before we were back, we promised to write to each other.Making a new friend made me so happy.
  My good friend.
  I have a good friend. His name is Li Quan. He is 15 years old now. He has short and black hair. He studies at No. 2 Middle School. He is friendly to everyone and always helps others. He likes playing basketball very much. He also likes watching TV and playing computer games. He likes travelling very much. He wants to travel far into space when he grows up.
  In our lives, we need friends. It’s important for us. When you are lonely, friends can make you warm. My parents say that friends should have good marks, but I don’t agree. I think that a good friend must be polite, friendly and happy. And the most important thing is to get on well with each other. We are always busy, but we should spend some time with our friends.
  From this term on,our school has created an English Corner.Every Friday afternoon a lot of people are there and try to talk with each other in English.Many students said that English Corner was good for their study and they got great help.This Friday we will invite Miss Ding to there and talk with us.Do you want to improve your spoken English? Go to the English Corner.
  Sports in Our School
  Sports in our school have changed a lot. Now we have more than three P.E. classes a week, and we have at least one hour to exercise every day.
  Students get so excited at these changes. More and more students take an active part in the ball games,running,and jumping on the playground.
  Our school life is becoming more wonderful. Doing sports is a good way to relax and keep fit. What’s more? A healthy body can help us study better and live a happier life.
  Press the green button to start to play the game.If you choose something you need in the game ,press Number 7. press Number 2,8,4and 5/6 to move up ,down, left and right.
  If you want to play it again ,press the blue button. And if you want to know the score of ths game,press the red button. If you need some help ,press Number 0.
  请你对看电视作出评价。提示:一方面可以增长知识,了解世界的发展变化;另一方面长时间看电视不仅影响视力,也浪费时间(waste our time), 一些充满暴力(violence)的节目对青少年的成长不利(do harm to us.)。
  Is watching TV good or bad? First, I think watching TV is not only good but also quite necessary. Everyone knows TV programs can bring the whole world right in front of us. The world is changing, and we need to know the world as much as possible. But watching TV too much does harm to us. It not only harms our eyes sight but also wastes our valuable time. There is something more important for us to do. And there is a lot of violence shown on TV. This is especially bad for children. Watching TV is not only one of many ways offering us something. In fact, it is good to watch TV when it is necessary.
  I think it’s necessary (必要的) for students to do housework.
  First, in a family our mothers do the most housework. If you don’t want your mother to be tired, do some housework to help her. Second, housework can help us to do everything all by ourselves, and it can also help us to take good care of ourselves when we leave home one day. Third, housework can relax ourselves. Every day after school, I usually feel tired after study, so I can relax myself by doing housework.
  My favourite flilm is Titanic. It’s a story of Jack and Rose. It takes place on a ship , in 1912. In the story, Jack loves Rose and dies for her. The writer of the film is James Cameron. It’s really great! Don’t miss(错过) it!
  My favourite flilm  is Alice in wonderland.    One day Alice was sitting by the river with a book, but she wasn’t reading it. Suddenly a white rabbit ran past her. It was looking at its watch. Because it was going to a tea party. Then Alice fell down a rabbit hole and went into their strange world.
  Last Sunday I took a train to Qingdao with my friend ,Li Xuan.
  At first we visited Just High .It was wonderful! We not only enjoyed exciting games but also tasted delicious food in Buddy Bear Restaurant. Then we went to the beach. We played on the beach ,And we took photos with some foreigners.
  I had a good time there. And I hope to go there again.
  My pleasant trip
  One day when I was in Grade 7, I went to -------park with my friends by bike. First we climbed the hill, then we flew kites. At noon we sat on the grass having a picnic. The weather was pretty fine that day. In the afternoon we met several soldiers who were only a little older than us. SO we could play games together and they also told us interesting stories. We laughed and laughed happily.
  What a pleasant trip! I will never forget it.
  The Spring Festival
  The Spring Festival is a very important festival in China. It’s on the first day of the first lunar month And it's also my favorite festival, especially when I was a child. When the day before Spring Festival, every family member will get together, have a big meal. There are firecrackers, dumplings, chicken… On the first day of Spring Festival, everybody wears the new clothes, they all sit together for breakfast. After breakfast, children will get Hongbao from their parents, or relatives. The Spring Festival is about 15 days long. During these15 days, people will go around and visit relatives and friends.
  The hero in My heart
  Norman Bethune was born in 1890 in Canada. He came to China in 1938. He gave his life to helping Chinese people.
  Norman Bethune became a doctor in 1916. He took part in the First World War and saved many lives. When he came to China, there were few doctors. He had to work hard. He opened hospitals to train doctors and nurses. Once, he performed operations for 69 hours without stopping to rest, and saved 112people. In the end he died because he didn’t stop to take care of his hand.
  We will always remember the hero---- Dr. Norman Bethune.
  A good teacher in my eyes
  In my eyes, Mr Li is really a good teacher. He teaches us math. At first, I was afraid of math, and thought it was boring. It was Mr Li who changed my mind. In his math class, he helped us try to find out the answers to the questions in different ways. Little by littlee, I found math was getting interesting. Now I’m good at it.
  Mr Li is not only a teacher but also a good friend of ours. He often chats with us and tells jokes. We’ll like him and his math class.
  I have a dream
  When I grow up,I’m going to do what I want to do.I’ll move somewhere busy and interesting.Cities like Shanghai are my best choice.There are lots of things that make you excited.I want to be a reporter,because I can travel to many interesting places.But first of all,I should finish my study in college.
  I’ll make enough money for my life,and I’ll save as much money as I can to buy a big house and a comfortable car.If I have extra money,I’ll donate it to “Animal Helpers”to save some animals in danger.When I am old,I want to go back to my hometown because I was born there.And I will plant some flowers and vegetables in my garden.These is my lifetime dream,and what about yours.
  My perfect holiday
  We know Beijing is a beautiful city with long history. There are many places of interest there, so my parents and I would go to Beijing during the summer holidays. We would go there by air on July 28th.
  During our stay in Beijing we would go to visit a lot of interest, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace, the Palace Museum, Tian’anmen Square and so on. My parents and I would also take some photos in order to keep the beautiful impression upon our minds.
  I hope we’ll enjoy ourselves.
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